Thank you for taking an interest in my photographic work... For the last 18 years my photography has been a labor of love, a force in my life that has driven me to be a more passionate person and has also opened my eyes to the beauty and magic of photographing someones special day. Photography is the only thing in my life (aside from my beautiful wife and child) that has stood the test of time... My photography is a huge pary of my life and has opened my eyes to vewing the world in a very different way. I have been wandering around this planet with a camera in my hand for going on 20 years now!

This website represents the culmination of my love for life, people and photography Capturing amazing memories and emotions for my clients to share with each other for the rest of therir lives is such an amazing feeling. I couldnt love what I do more and hopefully one day I can share in the experience of your amazing wedding!! (As your photographer of course!) Please take a look around, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me through the site, James




"It's hard to create works of distinction in a world of original art. But James of Driftwood Images always strives to achieve just that. He fuse's a relaxed shooting style and the use of natural & artificial lighting to attain a stirring and lasting imagery. His design is transcendent yet unexpected. He see's the subject in its natural ideal. He transform's details into iconic memories, And endeavor's to project individuality through his lens."

Kendra Palmer.