"This was my first shoot with Stephanie and James, and I never felt
 more comfortable or had more fun ever! I highly recommend them
 for whatever kind of pictures you need. They are indeed amazing
 and easy to work with."
Best in Town!
"Vivo Capture rocks, Stephanie and James were really easy to work
 with and got some amazing shots. Probably the best Family photos
 I have ever had. All of the pictures look completely natural and no
 sterile poses if you want some great shots give Vivo Capture a try!"

"Jimmy and Stephanie have been great! So far we have had our
 engagement shoot, which they were nice enough to do in two
 locations, with many wardrobe changes, and the photos came out
 great! Looking forward to a great wedding shoot and more great

Nicole & John
Beyond Our Expectations!
"Jimmy and Stephanie photographed our wedding in June.  They had
 never been to the location, and I was amazed that as soon as they
 got there they were scouting out interesting places to take our
 photos.  The photos are beautiful!  I am not particularly photogenic
 and have never enjoyed having my picture taken.  Jimmy and
 Stephanie were patient, made me comfortable, and produced
 pictures of my friends and family that I will always treasure.
  There is nothing stuffy about the photos - they captured the mood
 of the day.  Jimmy & Stephanie are both fantastic photographers
 and as a team they complement each other well!!"

Anna & Andy
Vivo Rocks!!!!!
" Thanks so much for all you guys did for our wedding! Vivo
goes above and beyond just taking pictures. Your presence and
your energy made our very special that much more special. Oh
yea and let's not forget your pictures, they speak for themselves.
You all are an amazing team and we thank from the bottom of our
hearts.Vivo rocks!!! "

Brenden & Carolina Martin
Creative and Inspired!!!
"James is one of the most creative and inspired photographers I have ever met
If you want pictures by an artist, by someone who is inspired by color, texture,
life, shadows and sunlight, nature and personality... this is your guy!"
Highly recommend!
"I highly recommend Vivo Capture Photography for photographing your special event
or intimate moment. James is incredibly talented and professional. He produces top
quality pictures because he has what other photographers begin to lack after many
years of doing their job: passion. Every image he creates reminds you how beautiful
each individual is and how inspiring the worlds landscapes are. We sometimes forget
to stop and appreciate these moments but Vivo Capture doesn't. You won't regret
working with this amazing photographer. Seriously. :)"