A few specifics and we are off to shoot engagement photos!

The best time to book is three or four 

months prior to your wedding day.

~ Clothing ~

So what to wear is always the first question. Our advice, wear

what you are most comfortable in. What is your favorite outfit?

Wear that one. Whatever you are comfortable in. Be fun, funny ,

make yourself laugh. Wear clothes that compliment

eachother. Styles should go together - casual,dressy, punk..

You get the picture :) Solid colors are always good, colors that

flatter your skin tone. Stay away from bright orange and

bright red. Be sure hair and makeup is how you feel most

comfortable with. Feel beautiful. Accessorize ie... hats,

scarves,socks,shoes,ring (clean it up so its extra sparkly) 



~ Theme ~

What do you as a couple want your photos to reflect? Your

personalities that make you such a great couple. Reflect your life

together. Choose something that focuses on your uniqueness.

A vintage feel is always fun or even a " for better for worse"

shoot is always a blast. 



~ Props ~

We love props! They add something fun to your photos.

It helps to reflect a creative aspect. What

about some of these cool ideas? Vintage props

bicycles - balloons - roller skates - umbrella's

hats - socks - suitcase - Vintage car - picnic basket

fishing poles - pogo sticks - frisbee - horse

(large props are great too! lol) your pet



~ Location - Location - Location ~

We loveshooting in epic locations & We have a few

suggestions to get your mind going....

Field of flowers - carnival - beach - bowling alley - junkyard

tennis court - abanodoned house/cabin - Where you first

met - Where you had your first date - restaurant you frequent

together shoot at home barefoot - your neighborhood -

take a walk - cook together - cofee shop - think sexy and intimate

( The Library) A location with bright colors! A place that

would be the last place you think of -- Let's go!



~ Use these great photos for ~

Save the date ~ your guest book ~ reception entrance ~ print a photo

with extra large matting and have guests sign around

your photo ~ a part of your wedding program ~

your wedding website ~ rehearsal dinner ~ wedding showers ~ framed for

bridal party or parents gifts ~ newspaper announcement.

Be prepared for lots of laughing, hugging, smiling, and kissing.

A great time to spend with your best friend and make alot of great memories!






I am working on so many things it is hard to find the time for anything, Especially blogging. Being a wedding photographer has its perks but extra time is just not one of them! Although in an effort to move forward I have decided to try just a little harder! Like I said there are so many projects going on around here and I suppose This is a perfect place to chat about them and show a little too! After shooting for 20 years I have amassed a huge collection of photographs, and built many websites for them. Now as I fill what calculates to be somewhere around 9,000 gigabytes of hard drive space on this computer I find myself diving into yet another undertaking. . . . My fifth website, lol. Too much work to explain but I will try to post some of my favorite images from it! as well as that Vivo Capture Photography will soon be getting a Photographic face lift of sorts when I overhaul the image galleries With some fresh new stuff, so be on the lookout soon!!!! Cheers!   James




We are very excited to be contributing our services to the Stop

Children's Cancer Fundraising Event by shooting the event for the

founders! We will also be donating four of our favorite nature &

landscape photographs enlarged into 20x30 prints for the silent auction!!

And will also be donating an all inclusive portrait package! Hopefully The

photo package and prints make a lot of money for the cause!!

I have been shooting landscapes almost as long as I have had a camera!

It is one of my biggest passions in the photography realm and if you are ever

interested in looking at some of my personal work check out my other

website www.DriftwoodImages.com Feel free to browse and ? or purchase

any of my work for your home! Heres a small sampeling of my landscape

work!  James.






Cool! I love this photo of Paynes Prairie in Gainesville Fl. I shot this one night while I was out doing some personal work, and playing around with some compositions of the prairie off of 441. I have done quite a lot of work for Gainesville magazine and this Seinor Times is a subsideary of that magazine. I recieved a random email from the editor of the magazine and was happy to provide them with this photo for the cover of the magazine! Thanks Gainesville Today!



We had a great time Taking Photographs with Nicole and John one Sunday

afternoon at the La Chua trail in Paynes Prairie.... We are definitely excited

to be apart of their day!!!!!  Here is a sneak peek of  their amazing shoot!!!

Nicole and Jon are a Photographers dream couple! Fun, carring,

great looking and most of all, truly in love!!!. Hopefully Nichole

and Jon will continue to be our clients throughout the years!!




Congrats to Tai & Stephanie! We loved shooting your wedding!

Thanks so much for having us involved in your special day

We had a blast and will never forget the good times we had and the

memorable people we met! (P.S.) Click on the image above to

enjoy a little something I threwtogether for you guys!!!

I Hope you enjoy it, James





So today we signed up for our blog. YEAH!! When people ask do you have a blog?

I can actually say yes now without looking to James and winking* He really is

opposed to writing this only because he can't type fast enough LOL anyway this is

another part of our journey in starting our first venture together as a couple :)

and as partners. We started talking about having our own photography business

quite a few months ago. James had moved to Colorado after we dated for only

two months. After 6 weeks of phone calls, texting, emails, facebook (all that) we

decided that he would move back after the summer and we would start Vivo

Capture Photography. So here we are very excited to be networking! I myself

Stephanie Carpenter am part owner of Mode Salon in Gainesville FL.

www.amodesalon.com I started networking within my profession and putting a

little buzz in peoples ears. It worked, we have gotten a great response since

James has moved back. James Pion started seeing through a lens around 11 yrs

ago. He started Driftwood Images www.driftwoodimages.comI have always loved

to look through the lens and now I am bringing that to a reality. We want to bring

our passion to the table. We work as a team in everything we do. Always learning

and being inspired, thats what its all about.  We have so much coming up this

year!!!! Its amazing what positive thinking and having a supporting partner can

do for your life.